About CSSL

Computational Social Science Laboratory (CSSL) at the Department of Information Technology Management of the Copenhagen Business School conducts transdisciplinary basic research at the socio-technical intersections of computer science and social science with specific applications to managers in companies, teachers in schools and residents in cities.

CSSL's basic research program is aimed at explaining socio-technical interactions. Our applied research program seeks to design, develop and evaluate big data analytics applications for managers (descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics), teachers (teaching analytics and learning analytics), and citizens (public health analytics).

CSSL aspires to conduct engaged scholarship in the Pasteur's Quadrant.

Our objective is not only to make seminal contributions to scientific knowledge as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications but also to create practical applications that yield meaningful facts, actionable insights, valuable outcomes, and sustainable impacts for organizations and society.


Please see CBS Research for the complete list of publications from the Computational Social Science Laboratory (CSSL).


Reimann, P., Bull, S., Kickmeier-Rust, M., Vatrapu,R., & Wasson, B (Editors). (2015). Measuring and Visualizing Learning in the Information-Rich Classroom. Routledge, New York.

Vatrapu, R., Mukkamala, R., & Hussain, A. (under preparation/2016). Social Set Analysis. Springer Series on Computational Social Sciences, New York.

Journals+Conference Proceedings+Book Chapters

Flesch, B., Vatrapu, R., Mukkamala, R., & Hussain, A. (2015). Social Set Visualizer: A Set Theoretical Approach to Big Social Data Analytics of Real-World Events. Mining Social Data Workshop at the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE Big Data). Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Press, IEEE Xplore.

Vatrapu, R., Hussain, A., Lassen, N. B., Mukkamala, R. R., Flesch, . B., & Madsen, R. (2015). Social Set Analysis: Four Demonstrative Case Studies. In A. Gruzd, J. Jacobson, P. Mai, & B. Wellman (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Media & Society. New York: Association for Computing Machinery. 10.1145/2789187.2789203

Mukkamala, R. R., Iskou Sørensen, J., Hussain, A., & Vatrapu, R. (2015). Social Set Analysis of Corporate Social Media Crises on Facebook. Proceedings of the IEEE Enterprise Computing Conference (EDOC 2015).

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Zimmerman, C., Hansen, K., & Vatrapu, R. (2014). A Theoretical Model for Digital Reverberations of City Spaces and Public Places. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 10(1), 46-62. 10.4018/ijegr.2014010104.

Kunst, K., & Vatrapu, R. (2014). Towards a Theory of Socially Shared Consumption: Literature Review, Taxonomy, and Research Agenda. In M. Avital, J. M. Leimeister, & U. Schultze (Eds.), ECIS 2014 Proceedings. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL).

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Robertson, S., Vatrapu, R., & Medina, R. (2010). Off the Wall Political Discourse: Facebook Use in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Information Polity, 15(1-2), 11-31. 10.3233/IP-2010-0196

Vatrapu, R. (2010). Explaining Culture: An Outline of a Theory of Socio-Technical Interactions. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark August 19 - 20, 2010. (pp. 111-120). New York: ACM. 10.1145/1841853.1841871

Awards and Honours



Raghava Rao Mukkamala

Assistant Professor

Abid Hussain

Assistant Professor

Zeshan Jaffari

PhD Student

Lester Lasrado

PhD Student

Niels Buus Lassen

PhD Student

Soley Rasmussen

Industrial PhD Student (Jyllands-Posten)

Chris Zimmerman

Industrial PhD Student (Mindjumpers)

Katrine Kunst (TDC)

Industrial PhD Student (TDC)

Thomas Jensen

Industrial PhD Student (Maersk, collaborating)

Povl Heiberg Gad

Industrial PhD Student (GameTools)

Kjeld Hansen

Privatist PhD Student (Westerdals Oslo ACT)

Benjamin Flesch

Privatist PhD Student

Rene Madsen

Research Associate

Nadiya Straton

Research Associate

Kiran Kocherla

Research Associate


Infrastructure and Instrumentation

Physical infrastructure of CSSL is in the form of one large room that houses a large high-resolution display and the eye-tracking equipment. Meeting rooms and open spaces for research purposes are available from the Department of IT Management as well as central administration of CBS.

CSSL's IT infrastructure comprises of 7 virtual servers (3xLinux and 4xWindows) hosted and supported by CBS IT and IBM Denmark, 1 amazon cloud server (Línux) and three physical servers (Winx64) on-site at CBS and at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Scientific instrumentation at CSSL consists of a desktop eye-tracker (SMI RED 60Hz), eye-tracking glasses (SMI ETG-2), EEG headsets (Emotiv 16-channels), EDR wrist bands and large-screen and high-resolution displays (84-inches display at 4K, 27-inches display at 5K, 32-inch curved ultrawide monitor).

CSSL also has access to the facilities and equipment of the newly opened CogLab at CBS.


Contact Us

 Prof. Ravi Vatrapu
Director, Computational Social Science Laboratory (CSSL)
Professor, Department of IT Management
Copenhagen Business School
Howitzvej 60; 2.14
Frederiksberg, DK-2000, Denmark
P: +45-2479-4315
Web: www.cbs.dk/en/staff/rvitm
Email vatrapu@cbs.dk
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